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We find the brands, you create the content!

Earn Money

Become part of the Social8 and we will partner you with brands & help to monetise your following.  


Joining the S8 squad will give you the chance to work with other influencers around the globe on exciting branded projects.  

Global Reach

S8 has no boundaries, wherever you are based (or travel to) we can work with you to land appropriate branded content deals. 

No Exclusivity Agreement

Unlike many agencies, we will not tie you down to an exclusivity contract. With S8, you can work as much or as little as you want.

1-to-1 Communication

S8 will look out for branded deals that suit your following. Just sit back and keep an eye on your inbox!

Long Term Partnerships

We can help you build a lasting relationship with commercial partners worldwide: longevity for your personal brand is our goal.