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Social8: Building Authentic Influence

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

In a new and ever-changing world, fuelled by social media and technology; we have seen the rise of established influencers who have the ability to turn engaged followers into consumers. Influencer marketing is now at the forefront of modern-day advertising.

Throughout his modelling career, founder of Social8, Tom Leigh, was exposed to the glamorous lifestyle of Los Angeles, where he mixed with many influencers. Yes – I know what you’re thinking – it’s the dream of many. Having travelled across the globe, Tom was looking for ways to bring his growing network together and use modelling as a platform to build and develop his career. Modelling enabled Tom to connect with many creators who built highly engaged platforms and personal brands.

During his journey, Tom witnessed many influencers accepting collaborations to promote brands, unaware that the products did not resonate with their audiences. Inauthentic influencer marketing often results in low sales and lack of brand awareness. This is of course, neither beneficial for the influencer or client. Experiencing countless poorly led campaigns without strategy driving the collaboration, led Tom to create Social8.

In 2018, Social8 was born. There was a clear aim - Partner creative brands with the right influencers ensuring educational, authentic and profitable campaigns. The company began partnering influencers with like-for-like brands.

The agency and client base grew simultaneously, allowing the business to develop new digital marketing strategies, specifically; paid social media. Paid Social, better known as Facebook Advertising allowed us to approach and market to new audiences using broad category targeting. This is achieved by creating dynamic ads and building funnels.

Paid Social quickly became an integral strategy that Social8 implemented for the vast majority of clients. Implementing both paid social media and influencer marketing complement one another. Influencers create irresistible, eye-catching and engaging content creating a Utopian world that everyone yearns to be part of. This widely used strategy enables elevated traffic whilst appealing prospective new audiences.

Social8’s client base is continually expanding, with industry sectors covering fashion, beauty and food to alcohol through using paid social work, the primary base of our marketing strategy. As the agency offered two incredibly effective and proactive strategies, there was an opportunity to broaden the digital marketing capabilities including reactive strategies. This led Social8 to SEO, increasing our clients’ visibility and propelling consumers to easily access products of the brand. Two years on from the birth of Social8, we are now developing new strategies built around Amazon Advertising and whilst doing so, we are continuing to expand our client base worldwide.

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